« In order for innovation to emerge, there needs to be a revolution in the corporate culture, in the team mindset, in the openness of management towards experimentation. Through successive seasons of its L’INNbooster programme, the Dedieu Projects team lends its support to the Human Resources and Innovation Departments to bring about this essential transformation at Carrefour. And all in a climate of mutual trust and enthusiasm! »

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Marie-Hélène Mimeau,

Director of Human Resources,

Merchandise and Training,

Carrefour France

« Free-ranging, friendly discussions with transformation practitioners and thinkers, philosophers, IT researchers, urban planners, essayists, and more… Les Rencontres 5 épices, designed and led by Dedieu Projects, has acted as a real night school for executives for the past several years! »

Christian Nibourel,

Managing Director of Accenture France,

the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

« The Dedieu Projects team worked alongside us, sharing their talent, enthusiasm, efficiency and creativity, throughout the exceptional adventure of the Altedia and HEC book Homo numericus at work. It was a magnificent, extremely effective collaboration characterised by teamwork, a focus on the client and genuine trust. »

François Moreau,

CEO for Altedia LHH

« As project director of the International Summit of Business Think Tanks, Catherine Dedieu worked with the Institut de l’entreprise and the other stakeholders to make the event a resounding success and an important step in the Institut’s positioning. »

Frédéric Monlouis-Félicité,

Delegate General at the Institut de l’entreprise

« Carrefour is totally committed to meeting the major challenges posed by the digital revolution and societal mutations that redefine our customer relations, our offers and the interaction with our ecosystems. L’INNbooster Carrefour, a fascinating programme devised by Dedieu Projects and carried out through an examination of ecosystems and experiential workshops, enables Carrefour Directors to form relationships with new players in innovation and to test peer-to-peer collaboration or reverse mentoring… »

Arnault Gournac,

Director of Innovation,

Carrefour France