Corporate books

Mobilising a company’s expertise to project into the future

Brand platforms

Reveal and highlight the company’s mission

Strategic messages for companies and their executives

Bringing together perspectives of players in an ecosystem

Instigating a debate amongst executives, entrepreneurs and thinkers

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« The challenge is
to form communities on a human scale. »

Michael Schwartz,
Co-founder of La Cordée

« The Camif was a great brand;
we had to make it an agile company. »

Emery Jacquillat,
CEO of Camif Matelsom

« With digital, there is no longer
any working force but rather a working brain. »

Daniel Krob,
Professor at the Ecole Polytechnique

« The machine should be
a helper, a vehicle, a tool
to liberate the worker. »

Fabienne Goux-Baudiment,
Futurist, ProGective

Quotations from the Altedia and HEC book
Homo numericus au travail
published by Economica in 2016,
a project managed by Dedieu Projects